11 Good Habits For Hearing Protection

11 Good Habits For Hearing Protection


The ear is the hearing organ among the five senses of the human body. It can feel all kinds of natural sounds. If hearing loss, it is equivalent to isolation from the world.

11 Good Habits For Hearing Protection
The ear is the hearing organ among the five senses of the human body. It can feel all kinds of natural sounds. If hearing loss, it is equivalent to isolation from the world.

It is understood that there are 27.8 million hearing-impaired people in China, including about 137000 hearing-impaired children aged 0 to 6. Hearing impairment has seriously affected their study and life.

In fact, in addition to congenital hearing loss, many ear diseases can be prevented in life. Here are some ear health care measures related to daily life.
01 Get rid of the habit of digging your ears

Pulling out the ear can cause damage to the ear canal and tympanic membrane. Sometimes, it can also be complicated by infection, resulting in hearing loss.
02 Prevent water from entering ears when washing hair and bathing

Because the skin and tympanic membrane are soaked in water, coupled with the stimulation of cerumen (that is, the often said earwax), it is easy to cause otitis externa. If there is perforation of tympanic membrane, water entering the ear can cause otitis media recurrence.
03 Physical examination is required before swimming in summer

People with external auditory canal inflammation, otitis media, cerumen embolism in external auditory canal, tympanic membrane perforation and other diseases must be corrected before swimming.
baby swimming
04 Infection should be strictly prevented in case of auricle trauma and frostbite

In particular, Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, the bacteria can cause auricle perichondritis, cartilage necrosis, and eventually lead to auricle deformity.
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05 Keep away from noise and explosion site

For example, setting off firecrackers can cause noise induced deafness because of the loud noise, while the explosion will cause explosive deafness.
06 Keep away from alcohol, tobacco and ototoxic drugs

Ototoxic drugs, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, etc., are toxic to the auditory nerve.
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07 Avoid hitting the head

It is not allowed to palm the ear. Hitting the head can lead to hearing damage, while palm hitting the ear can cause rupture of the eardrum. In life, it is common to see that the ear function is damaged due to external force.
08 Master the correct way to blow your nose

Blow the left and right nasal cavities one by one. Do not pinch the left and right nostrils at the same time to blow the nose, because the rear of the nasal cavity is connected with the middle ear cavity (eustachian tube). Improper blowing of the nose can drive nasal secretions into the middle ear cavity, causing otitis media.
09 Whether it is suitable to fly

Those with colds, upper respiratory tract infections and eustachian tube dysfunction should not travel by air, otherwise they may cause aviation otitis media, ear pain, tympanic congestion, middle ear effusion, and even hearing loss.
10 Beware of other diseases

Deafness caused by systemic diseases is mainly caused by hypertension and arteriosclerosis in clinical practice. It can also be caused by kidney disease, diabetes and hypothyroidism. Therefore, the hearing of patients with these diseases should be monitored.
11 Check hearing regularly

Senile deafness is the manifestation of human aging process in the auditory organ. The age and development speed vary from person to person. It is related to heredity and various harmful factors (including diseases) experienced in the whole life process. Therefore, the elderly should be regularly tested for hearing.
Hearing screening should be carried out routinely for newborns, and early intervention and treatment should be carried out when hearing impairment is found.