10 Occupations are Likely to Cause Hearing Loss

10 Occupations are Likely to Cause Hearing Loss


Occupational noise deafness is a progressive sensorineural hearing impairment mainly caused by cochlear lesions due to workers’ long-term exposure to noise at work.

10 Occupations are Likely to Cause Hearing Loss
Occupational noise deafness is a progressive sensorineural hearing impairment mainly caused by cochlear lesions due to workers’ long-term exposure to noise at work. The main symptoms are progressive hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and headache.
What occupations can cause hearing loss or hearing loss?

Miners / builders / carpenters, etc

Such people are easily exposed to high-intensity noise because they need to use electric tools or machinery in their work.
According to research, workers are exposed to frequencies of 85 decibels or higher in nearly 70% of their working hours.
For example, during ore mining, the noise level can be as high as 135 db; If hit with a hammer, it will produce a noise of up to 130 dB.
Such occupations must regularly check their hearing and do a good job in daily noise protection. The construction equipment unit shall provide workers with hearing protectors or noise reduction earplugs.
Sound engineer or bar staff

There has been popular science before. It’s best to wear noise reduction earplugs or bass earplugs when entering the bar, so you can imagine how loud the noise of the bar is!
Such ambient noise levels are usually higher than 115 decibels, making it difficult to hear and speak clearly. But the relevant staff of the bar work in such an environment for a long time, which can easily lead to hearing loss.
Therefore, noise protection equipment and regular hearing examination are also necessary!
Dental doctor

Research shows that the high-frequency sound emitted by the high-speed turbine mobile phone (dental mobile phone) used by dentists leads to the phenomenon of threshold increase when they are exposed to the noise with an average intensity of 70-77 dB.
When dentists use dental handpieces more than 20cm, the noise generated is less than 80dB. When the distance is 10cm, the noise generated by high-speed turbine handpieces and ultrasonic scaling is more than 85dB.
So dentists should also have regular hearing tests!

Have you ever encountered the scene of weeding machine operation? Is the roaring noise unbearable to you?
In fact, lawn mowers or weeders can produce up to 107 dB of noise when they are in normal operation.
Therefore, gardeners who have been in a noisy environment for a long time also need to use anti noise earplugs or hood type anti noise equipment.
Motor vehicle driver
For most motor vehicles, such as trucks, cars and truck drivers, the noise and wind noise produced by motor vehicles will cause hearing impairment.
And with the increase of driving age, the degree of hearing loss will gradually increase. Of course, because different countries have different driving positions, the driver’s hearing loss is reflected in both left and right ears.
Therefore, for motor vehicle drivers, they must have regular hearing tests to reduce the risk of hearing loss!
Racing driver
Car racing is already a very common activity. Drivers can not only feel the pleasure brought by the engine in the cockpit of F1 car, but also face deafening phenomenon.

At this time, the noise level can reach 135 dB. Therefore, for the racing driver profession, ear protection measures must be taken to reduce the risk of hearing loss.
Data show that when multiple hair dryers are used at the same time, the noise can often reach 85 dB.
We have also popularized science before. If you are exposed to 85 dB noise for more than 8 hours, you are likely to have progressive hearing loss! The greater the noise, the shorter the time you can stay under the noise.
Airport ground crew
The ground crew is the guide of aircraft take-off and landing. Only through the guidance of ground crew can the aircraft obtain the correct take-off and landing direction.
However, they have to endure the huge noise generated by aircraft taking off and landing every day. Data measurement shows that the noise of aircraft taking off and landing can be as high as 140 dB, which is a very terrible figure. In this kind of occupation, they must do a good job in noise protection and regularly check their hearing.
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