Earplugs for Noise Reduction: Small Size, Great Effect

Earplugs for Noise Reduction: Small Size, Great Effect


Noise is a sound that people do not want to hear. It will not only interfere with work, study and life, affect people’s emotions, expose certain intensity of noise for a long time, but also cause health damage to human body.

Earplugs for Noise Reduction: Small Size, Great Effect
In the sense of hygiene, any sound that makes people feel bored, unnecessary or harmful to health is called noise. In this sense, there are many sources of noise, such as the roaring of cars on the streets, the clattering of machines at construction sites, and the buzzing of electric saws in factory processing workshops…

Generally, low and medium decibel noise has an impact on people. The most common is to interfere with work and affect mood; However, long-term exposure to high decibel environment will not only interfere with work, but also damage human auditory and non auditory systems.
Common sound pressure levels
The breeze stirred the leaves
Extremely quiet
Silent night
General indoor voice
Speak loudly
Noisy city
Electric saw
Very noisy
Tympanic tremor
Jet takeoff
Rocket and missile launch
In order to protect people’s hearing and health, the allowable value of noise is 75~85 dB. Common control methods include:

1、Reduce noise at the sound source.

2、Reduce noise in the route of transmission.

3、Reduce noise at the human ear.

1 and 2, we ordinary people are often unable to intervene, but 3, it is easy to achieve, that is, wearing ear plugs, earmuffs and other protective equipment!
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Anti noise earplugs:
Anti noise earplugs are generally made of silica gel or low-pressure foam material and high elastic polyester material. After the ear canal is inserted, it is in close contact with the external ear canal to reduce the sound entering the middle ear and inner ear (eardrum) and achieve the purpose of sound insulation. Generally, it can be reduced by 15-35 dB.

Although earplugs are small, they are also exquisite to wear. Only when it is worn correctly can its function be brought into full play. Let’s learn how to use earplugs correctly!
roll earplugs
Step 1
Knead along your fingers from light to heavy. Until it becomes a compact,wrinkle free small cylinder.
wear earplugs
Step 2
With one hand around the head, pull the ear outward and upward, and insert the rubbed earplug into the ear canal.

wearing earplugs correctly
Step 3
Wearing tightness test: after the earplug is fully expanded, only the end of the earplug should be exposed outside the ear canal, otherwise it should be worn again
1.inserting the earplug will cause the pressure in the middle ear to rise and push it against the eardrum to cause pain. Therefore, the earplugs should be carefully rubbed and quickly inserted into the ideal position. When the earplugs are fully expanded, they should not be pushed in. When pulling out the earplug, in order to avoid squeezing the eardrum, slowly screw out the earplug.

2.try to choose soft and comfortable earplugs. After removing the earplugs, massage the ears and rub the front, back and circumference of the ears to promote the circulation of the ears.

3.Acoustic earplugs should be cleaned regularly or replaced in time.

4.Ear plugs made of different materials may cause discomfort due to expansion in the ear canal.

5.Wearing it for a long time will make the air circulation and blood pressure circulation of the ear blocked, which is easy to cause imbalance of air pressure, so you may feel dizzy, stuffy and painful.

6.When the earplug is pushed in, it is pushed into the deep part of the ear canal together with the earwax, or too much dirt is adhered to the earplug, causing bacteria to breed, causing tinnitus and inflammation.

Wearing earplugs, we can not be disturbed and hurt by noise, create a quiet environment, work, study and sleep quietly.
Let’s say a short farewell to the noisy city…