New Product Launch: Multifunctional Noise Reducing Earplugs With Detachable And Replaceable Ear Tips

New Product Launch: Multifunctional Noise Reducing Earplugs With Detachable And Replaceable Ear Tips


There are many types of earplugs on the market, but choosing a multifunctional earplug is very necessary. Eastragon's new product is launched, featuring multifunctional earplugs for sleep learning.

New Product Launch: Multifunctional Noise Reducing Earplugs With Detachable And Replaceable Ear Tips

Do you often have trouble buying earplugs with inappropriate sizes?If so, you need ear plug that can replace the ear tips.Eastragon The latest product has three different sizes of ear tips, large,middle and small, to fit your ear canal.


In this blog post, we'll explore the design concept, raw materials, and how they are used.Read on to help you learn more about the qualities of these earplugs.Professional earplug and earmuff manufacturers launch innovative products that combine silicone and foam materials to achieve the perfect combination of waterproof and slow rebound characteristics.

The design concept of the earplugs

Eastragon The founding concept is to be a professional hearing protection equipment manufacturer to better protect human hearing.However, hearing protection by wearing earplugs is only a palliative than cure. Most of the noise in our life comes from industrial activities, which can lead to the destruction of the ecological environment.In order to call on people to protect the ecological environment, this earplug was designed.

design inspiration

The body part of the earplug looks like a drop of water from the side. Water is the source of life, and everything is out of water.The choice of water droplets as earplugs is also essentially designed to remind people to save water.

Replacement earplug ear tips for multiple use.More environmentally friendly than the traditional disposable foam earplugs.To ensure the comfort of the earplugs, we have designed the ergonomic ear tips.In order to restore the comfort of close to foam earplugs, ear tips are made with rebound memory foam.

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Raw and processed material

The earplugs material are silicone , which is used to shape the body.Silicone gel is a waterproof and non-toxic material that will not cause allergies, and plays a very important role in medical treatment, industry.The earplugs made of silicone are very soft and comfortable, and they are often used as swimming earplugs because of their waterproof.


The replaceable foam ear tip is made of foamits scientific name is called polyurethane.It is a polymer material commonly referred to as polyurethane when used as a material.


Known in China as "spandex", it has high elasticity and can stretch 6-7 times, but can quickly recover to its initial state with the disappearance of tension. Its molecular structure is a chain like, soft, and stretchable polyurethane, which enhances its properties by connecting to hard chain segments.


This earplug is made of high-quality silicone material and has excellent waterproof performance. Whether it's sweat erosion during exercise, or rain or humidity in outdoor environments, this earplug can effectively protect your ears from moisture damage. Silicone material can also effectively isolate external noise, creating a quiet and comfortable audio experience environment for users.


In the other part of the earplug, we use special foam material, which has the characteristics of slow rebound. This foam material can accurately fit according to the shape of the user's ear, providing a personalized wearing experience. It can also effectively reduce the interference of external noise, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music while having better immunity.


The innovative design of this earplug not only emphasizes comfort and waterproof performance, but also emphasizes the comprehensive improvement of the user experience. It adopts ergonomic design, allowing your ears to feel the maximum comfort. The micro ventilation holes inside the earplugs can also maintain the breath ability of the ears, avoiding discomfort caused by prolonged wear.

Eastragon is a professional manufacturer of earplugs and earmuffs, committed to launching innovative high-quality audio products. Our goal is to provide users with the best audio experience by continuously pursuing excellent quality and technological innovation.

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