4 points you must know to protect newborn hearing!

4 points you must know to protect newborn hearing!


How to protect your newborn hearing health? We should pay attention to protection from childhood and nursing from pregnancy.

4 points you must know to protect newborn hearing!
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1、 Pregnancy
During the fetal period, we should protect the hearing of pregnant women. The resistance of pregnant women is weaker than others. We should avoid going to overcrowded places to avoid infectious diseases such as viral cold, mumps, encephalitis and rubella.

In addition, expectant mothers should strengthen their physique, pay attention to diet and nutrition, and take appropriate activities to reduce the occurrence of diseases. Maintaining a good mental state is conducive to the secretion of various healthy hormones in the body and reducing fetal dysplasia. Avoid exposure to radiation and noise during pregnancy. Generally, do not receive preventive injection to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

Try to avoid using various drugs during pregnancy. If drugs must be used, they should be used under the guidance of doctors, and ototoxic drugs are prohibited. If a family history of hereditary deafness is suspected, the husband and wife shall go to the hospital for genealogical analysis, chromosome and genetic gene examination, so as to achieve eugenics and child rearing and reduce the incidence of children's deafness.
2、 Neonatal period
Early diagnosis and treatment of these diseases is an important link in the prevention and treatment of deafness. All newborns were screened for hearing in order to find children with abnormal hearing at an early stage.
Pay attention to details in infancy to prevent infection. Children should go to a specialized hospital in time when they are ill. Do not use drugs indiscriminately based on experience, so as to prevent drug overdose or ototoxic drugs from delaying or aggravating the child's condition. When swimming, bathing or washing your face, you should pay special attention to prevent water from entering your ears.

Try not to dig your ears with ear spoons or hairpins, pins, matchsticks, etc. Because you are not familiar with the anatomical structure of the ear, you can't see the tissue in the ear clearly or use improper force, it is easy to damage the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane. The bacteria enter the middle ear cavity, causing middle ear cavity infection, and even chronic otitis media, affecting the newborn hearing. Do not put beans, balls and other foreign bodies into your ears, so as to avoid infection caused by long-term undetected.
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The following four aspects need to be paid attention to when protecting newborn hearing
Dig less earwax.

A small amount of earwax has a protective effect on the infant's ear canal. It can adhere to accidentally entered insects and foreign bodies. Therefore, don't often dig earwax for babies. Even if there is too much earwax, you should use the correct method to get it.

Use drugs with caution.

Some parents love their children and ask for injections when they have a minor illness. They mistakenly think that injections are always better than taking medicine. In fact, some acupuncture drugs such as streptomycin, gentamicin and kanamycin have irreversible toxic effects on human auditory nerve (called ototoxic drugs in medicine), especially for infants with special allergic constitution, which is very easy to cause deafness. Therefore, when seeing a doctor, you must obey the doctor's arrangement, don't make your own decisions, and use these drugs as little as possible.

Actively prevent and treat colds.

Repeated colds can cause upper respiratory tract inflammation, Eustachian tube mucosal edema, congestion and occlusion, thus affecting the regulation of eustachian tube on middle ear pressure. At the same time, because the eustachian tube of infants is shorter and lower than that of adults, bacterial infection of respiratory tract can easily lead to middle ear inflammation.

Avoid noise.

Infants have poor adaptability to hearing. Sudden loud sounds, such as firecrackers, loud TV sound, will cause sudden hearing loss and even deafness. At the same time, long-term exposure of infants to noise can also cause hearing loss.At this time, children's earmuffs are very necessary.